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Nick is a well-connected songwriter and can help you craft an inspiring song. His strengths include melody, chord structure, arrangement, lyric, Contemporary Christian Music, Country, Film/TV, Pop and Worship.


One of Nick's strongest skills is finding the intricate parts that each instrument should play to compliment the song. To begin the production process, Nick will begin work on the track and send it to the artist to see if they feel it matches the tone and direction of their music. Then, the artist and Nick will get together at Nick’s home studio to track vocals. He will encourage and coach the vocalist to get the best vocal takes that they can achieve. Then, Nick will edit the vocal and polish up the track, add all the necessary elements and send a rough mix to the artist. Once the production tweaks have been made and signed off on by Nick and the artist, the song is off to the mixing stage! 


Nick has worked for seven years in the music industry as a professional editor. Nick believes that editing is the most important part of the production process, and it is where he will spend the most of his time making sure that your song sounds the way that it should.


If you are a producer and need vocals, drums, acoustics, electrics, bass, piano, organ, mandolin, banjo or anything else edited, Nick can make those tracks tight and just the way you want them.


After the production process is complete, Nick will take all the tracks and blend them together seamlessly. He will manipulate the sound of each track to get the song to sound “big” and ready for the radio. Once the mix tweaks have been made, then the track as a whole is ready to be polished up in Mastering.

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